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Using our unique TV Broadcast skills and kit we are able to offer high quality and affordable Live Streaming. 

Live coverage of two royal weddings for BBC News, The London 2012 Olympic Games and numerous days and nights camped outside No.10! We have been beaming live video across the global for over 10 years. 


Be assured we know exactly how to make sure your wedding guests can still be part of your big day even if they are not with you in person!


Whether you have already booked a wedding video package with us or just looking for a live stream of the ceremony, we can help!



*50% if Combined with package

Using our wireless transmitter we can live stream your wedding ceremony to a private Vimeo page - or embed this to your wedding website). Using our unique internet bonding system (we take 3 or 4 internet signals, bond them together to make one strong connection) we can transmit your wedding ceremony without any nasty dropout or problems,  Not only will your family and friends get to experience your day in real time, it will be like watching a movie. Using our 4K Cinema camera the image and audio quality is cinematic in every way!

  • One Cinematographer with a Full Frame Movie Camera

  • Ceremony Live Stream in HD

  • 4K Edited version of the ceremony supplied on a USB Drive


Optional Extras!

Upgrade your package to 4K Available on all one Cinematographer packages 

From £150.00

Add on Aerial Footage to your big day, captured with our 4K Drone From 


Extra USB Drive £22.00 Per USB inc UK postage

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