Using our unique TV broadcast skills we are able to offer private, high quality, affordable and discreet live streaming for funerals.

Live coverage of two royal weddings and state funerals for BBC News, The London 2012 Olympic Games and numerous days and nights camped outside No.10! We have been beaming live video across the global for over 14 years.


We want to help you during these difficult times, thats why we are offering a bespoke package for the live streaming of funerals.


Our funeral live streaming package is 100% private and streamed to dedicated Vimeo page where only guests with the unique link can view the service.

Our Funeral Live Streaming Package

Using our unique wireless transmitter we can live stream to a private Vimeo page. Our Live Stream transmitter is the most reliable and robust on the market, we are able to take up to 4 internet signals, bond them together to make one strong connection. We can live stream your funeral without any nasty dropout or problems. 


One Cinematographer with a Full Frame Movie Camera

Funeral Live Stream in HD

Private live stream page hosted on Vimeo.

Unlimited viewers

The Live Stream is downloadable once the funeral is over.  

Prices  from £350.00



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